Company Profile

EcoTex Automation is successfully providing its support for the past 25 years with plenty of satisfied customers in the textile and other industries too. Basically we started our journey with providing electrical service support for the industries and then grown up to manufacture the dyeing machine with low liquor ratio consumption. We have successfully commissioned both the fully automatic and semi-automatic machine with high efficient output.

EcoTex is driven with highly qualified and technically strong team of engineers to highligh the machines productivity and efficiency in all aspects. Our machine is equipped with all advance technologies that most suits the textile dyeing process. With high experience and knowledge, our product is growing better and strong every day.

Glowing with Advance Technology

  • High Speed PLC Controller with Inbuilt Touch Screen Specially Designed for Dyeing Process
  • Automatic Nozzile PRessure Adjustment based on Fabric's Type
  • Technically Designed Plaiter for better and Smooth Floding of the Fabric to Increase the Capacity in every Chamber
  • Cycle Time is automatically Generated based on the Fabrics Dia and its Weight
  • Sample Cuttings of the Fabric can done at one specific point for the entire Dyeing Process
  • Vessel Filling can be done - Using Algorithm for each and every bath (Dry Fill and Wet Fill Method to Minimize the Liquor Consumption)
  • Progressive, Degressive and Linear type of Dosing can be done with accurate time period
  • Sufficient Reserve Tank for Pre-Heating and Pre-Stocking of Liquor to Reduce to Time Consumption of Total Dyeing Process.

EcoTex Project

EcoTex is the basic technological concept Sahai Automation uses to develop all of its discontinuous dyeing machines. EcoTex is an eco-machine that cuts energy consumption while optimizing the receipt more effectively than any other dyeing machine: its production costs and environmental impact are currently the lowest on the market.

EcoTex is the technological evolution of EcoTex and it reduces by a further point the bath rate with respect to the latter, while bringing it up to 1:3,7 on basic cotton fibers according to the absorption ratio and further lowering it for synthetic fibers.

Innovative Technology - EcoTex

The movement of the treatment bath inside the dyeing autoclave takes place with an innovative system that creates a transversal flow with respect to the fabric forwarding direction. In such a way, EcoTex permits to mgke the treatment bath perfectly uniform and blended (Brazzoli patent).

Shortest Liquor Ratio Self-Setting System (SLR)

The automatic assessment system of the bath minimum ratio, with which the EcoTex is equipped, permits processing while using the minimum required quantity of water. Without any intervention by the operators, it is guaranteed the EcoTex works with the minimum quantity of bath required according toe the kind of substrate and the quantity loaded, hence preventing any unnecessary waste of either water or energy.

The longitudinal multi-suction area permits extreme reductions of the bath rate and makes the bath treatment smoother. The patented feeding system of both dyestuff and higher dilution chemicals allows for the fastest measuring. The outcome of optimum an dyeing is perfectly uniform.